Sad Dad Book Club: Season 1

The inaugural journey of the Sad Dad Book Club takes us to rural Wisconsin where we’ll meet an unforgettable cast of characters in Nickolas Butler’s poignant novel Little Faith. Full of humanity and heartache, this book thrusts readers into the complicated intersection of family and spirituality, a place where grief, doubt, and relentless love all beautifully converge. To learn more about the book, check out the author’s website.

Start Date: Friday, March 3

Duration: 5 Weeks

Cost: $10 (suggested donation)

What You Get: In addition to a recommended reading schedule, participants will receive a weekly email with the following content:

  • A brief audio analysis of the previous week’s reading. Think of it as a miniature podcast episode you can digest while sitting in traffic or washing the dishes.
  • A music recommendation that extends the thematic content or overall mood of each week’s reading. What goes better with a riveting book than the perfect emotive soundtrack?
  • A simple mindfulness practice you can try out during the week to more fully engage with the story, the characters, and the questions the book might raise.
  • A reading guide for the following week featuring strategic questions to ask yourself and important observations to look for.

Special Bonus: Participants will be able to join the author for an exclusive live video Q&A session after finishing the book.

Whether you’re an avid reader or already, or simply someone who wants to start reading more than you do, there’s a spot waiting for you. You can jump aboard on your own, or you can grab a friend or two and have them join you.

Ready to give it a try? It’s simple. Just follow these easy steps:


Drop your name and email so you can get added to the weekly mailing list.


Consider leaving a $10 donation to support the Sad Dad Book Club. Because cost shouldn’t prohibit anyone from participating in this opportunity, even if you skip this step, you’ll still be a valued member with full access to all the content.


Get the book. In addition to the obvious “big name” retailers, I’d also encourage you to visit a local independent bookstore or check the catalogue of your local public library. And if you’re looking for cost-effective options, you can shop at


Wait for the first email to arrive in your inbox on the morning of March 3, and let’s start reading!

Have questions? Drop me a note:

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