Sad Dad Book Club

Welcome to the Sad Dad Book Club. But don’t worry. It’s not always sad. And it’s not just for dads, either. This is a community for anyone who loves a good story and all the existential questions that come with it.

Although the term “sad dad” is usually applied to a certain type of music (think: The National and Bon Iver), I see it as something bigger than a genre or single form of artistic expression. It’s an aesthetic. A vibe. A way of life. Sad dads walk through the world with their eyes and their hearts wide open, embracing the never-ending pursuit of beauty, mystery, and transcendence.

Regardless of one’s personality or temperament, age or gender, there’s a sad dad in us all. It’s what makes us philosophical on rainy days in autumn, what makes us nostalgic when we hear that one Goo Goo Dolls song from middle school, what makes us cry when the daughter goes off to college at the end of a Subaru commercial. (Not that I’d know anything about that.)

As both an educator and a lover of books, I’m convinced that one of the best ways to awaken our souls to this reflective, melancholy energy is through the avenue of literature. That’s what the Sad Dad Book Club is all about. It’s my way of inviting you to embrace the bittersweet journey of mindfulness and presence. It’s my way of giving you permission to find more of yourself by getting lost in some really great books.

If you’re interested in contemplating big questions, getting in touch with your emotions, and rediscovering the simple joy of reading, then check out our upcoming season of Sad Dad Book Club. It’s flexible (no scheduled meetings), easy (no term papers like in English class), and low-pressure (no awkward sharing times).

The next season starts on March 3. Click below to learn about the featured book and to get yourself registered!

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