Welcome, and thanks for visiting. My name is Drew, and I hope you find something on this site that’s worth your time. If you want to learn a bit about me, here are some highlights.

I’m a resident of Lafayette, Indiana, where I live with my gifted and beautiful wife Elizabeth and four little blessings who call me “Dad.” We’re a fairly tight-knit bunch, and we love spending time together as a family. I’m a proud public school educator, teaching English just down the road at Lafayette Jefferson High School. I also help to lead Renewal Church, a community of people trying to be faithful citizens of God’s kingdom here in our town.

I think of myself as a spiritual pilgrim who genuinely wants to follow Jesus even though I don’t always know how (and the things I do know I still suck at pretty badly). Everything I write is merely a faltering attempt to put one foot in front of the other as I strive to keep moving forward on this sacred journey. Sometimes I get it right. A lot of times I get it wrong. But I’m learning as I go, and I’d love to have you learn along with me.

Thanks again for stopping by. God bless.

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