Running in November (a Poem)

Liner Notes: Nature is full of metaphors, and these words are my way of exploring a particularly interesting one that’s resonating with me at the moment.

Despite the title, it’s probably clear to see that this isn’t a poem about running, nor is it a poem about our crappy Midwest weather in November. Instead, it’s about something much more existential: personal changes and the way those changes are perceived by others.

For me, this experience has primarily been a spiritual one, resulting from my own evolving faith and subsequent departure from a career in church leadership. But more broadly, I think the metaphor applies to anyone dealing with the judgment of another person who wants them to be something (or someone) different than they are.

To that person, the goal of this poem is to raise the hopeful question: What if your worth doesn’t come from conforming to another person’s expectations? What if it doesn’t depend upon meeting an arbitrary standard that has been imposed on you? These questions are helping me along as I learn how to evolve more and more each day.

Go for a walk with Mother Nature on a cold and bleak winter day. Curse her. Complain about her. Remind her that you liked her better several months ago when her disposition better aligned with your preferences. You’ll find fairly quickly that she doesn’t care. And personally, I think that’s a beautiful thing.

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