The “Deep Beautiful Melancholy” Playlist

It’s admittedly a bit of a corny movie, but to this day, Elizabethtown remains one of my favorites. Partly because of my Kentucky roots. Partly because of my man-crush on Orlando Bloom. Partly because its main character is a Drew and it has an Elizabeth (sort of ) in the title. But when it really comes down … Continue reading The “Deep Beautiful Melancholy” Playlist

#MusicMonday: A (Heartbroken) Valentine’s Playlist

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate the favorite holiday of florists and over-sized teddy bear manufacturers than with some sappy, romantic, feel-good love songs? Well, I can think of one thing better: a playlist of songs about heartbreak and loneliness. I consider myself a blessed man on Valentine’s Day. I have a terrific … Continue reading #MusicMonday: A (Heartbroken) Valentine’s Playlist

#MusicMonday: A (Non-Traditional) Christmas Playlist

Music is the greatest blessing of Christmas. It’s also the greatest curse. When the lights are glowing and the stockings are hanging, there’s nothing quite like a classic Christmas tune to really complete the holiday mood. But the problem is that after you’ve listened to the same old Christmas songs year after year, they start … Continue reading #MusicMonday: A (Non-Traditional) Christmas Playlist