#MusicMonday: Jamestown Revival, “Poor Man’s Gold”

I've been on a serious Jamestown Revival kick today. I first encountered their music a couple years ago through their catchy song, "California (Cast Iron Soul)." Since then, they've released a new album, The Education of a Wandering Man, and on it is this soulful little stomp about a conversation between a rich man and a preacher. This stripped-down … Continue reading #MusicMonday: Jamestown Revival, “Poor Man’s Gold”

#MusicMonday, The New Basement Tapes, “Kansas City”

If you come across a studio full of renowned musicians bringing forgotten Bob Dylan lyrics to life, you'd better stop and pay attention. It's bound to be a musical gift to mankind. But if said studio includes the aforementioned renowned musicians and Johnny Depp...well, you might want to think about buying a lottery ticket, because today is your … Continue reading #MusicMonday, The New Basement Tapes, “Kansas City”