Selective Memory

Never forget. After 20 years, it’s fitting that we once again remind ourselves to remember. The significance of that awful Tuesday—of its destructive terror and its heroic bravery—demands an enduring place in our collective consciousness. The only thing more tragic than the events themselves would be the mistake of letting them slip into the oblivion... Continue Reading →

All Lives Matter

It’s time we admit that they’re right. Yes, them. The people protesting the protests. The ultimate universalists. The brave warriors fighting back against the perceived danger of emphasizing the rights of one ethnicity over another. The ones chanting back at us: All! Lives! Matter!

Why I’m Sad

I’ve spent the last 24 hours in a daze. At 9:56pm yesterday, I incredulously texted my wife on my way out of a meeting, “Trump might win this election.” That was when the New York Times had just updated their prediction, giving him a 51% chance to secure the presidency. But even then, I didn’t... Continue Reading →

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