Why We (Probably) Won’t Change

It’s too bad the Celebrity Pastor Megachurch movement (imaginary NYSE symbol: CPM) isn’t a publicly traded company, because I’d sure love to see the plummeting red arrow depicting its stock price over the last few months. The latest hit to CPM’s value came a few days ago as James MacDonald was removed from his post … Continue reading Why We (Probably) Won’t Change

A Very Different Question

You’ve probably been in a situation before where you’ve been asked by a friend or coworker about your church. And more likely than not, one of the questions that might have accompanied such a conversation would have been one like this: “What sorts of things are you doing in the church?” Unless you’re brand new, … Continue reading A Very Different Question

When You Feel Like a Tourist

Ben Gibbard is a brilliant songwriter. He does just about everything in his craft well. But perhaps what he does best is this: taking that vague, undefined emotion you’ve never quite been able to describe, and then describing it for you in a way that leaves you saying, “Yes! That’s it!” Pull a random Death … Continue reading When You Feel Like a Tourist

Doing Church without God

What comes to your mind when you think of the church? Are there any images or analogies that you tend to gravitate toward? In his book A Light to the Nations, Michael Goheen suggests a few ways that the average Christian might think of the church in our current cultural climate. Perhaps you can relate to … Continue reading Doing Church without God

The Paradoxes of Church Membership

If you’re a church member, have you ever stopped to think about how weird you are? Because you are. Very, very weird. But don’t take it personally. It really has nothing to do with you. (You’re totally normal. I promise.) Instead, the weirdness has to do with the nature of church membership itself. Most of us … Continue reading The Paradoxes of Church Membership

Shaking the Market Share Mindset

Suppose that you work as an executive for the Superior Widget Company. It’s a relatively small business with modest sales, but your goal is to lead the company to expand. So you beef up your marketing efforts and resource your sales team. You revisit your product design and give greater attention to quality control. You … Continue reading Shaking the Market Share Mindset

3 Myths of Singleness

If you conduct a search for “marriage” in the sermon series archive at SermonAudio.com, you’ll find some 300 results. Taking a conservative average of eight sermons per series, that comes out to roughly 2,400 total sermons. To put that in perspective, if you were to listen to one sermon per day, it would take you … Continue reading 3 Myths of Singleness