When You Feel Like a Tourist

Ben Gibbard is a brilliant songwriter. He does just about everything in his craft well. But perhaps what he does best is this: taking that vague, undefined emotion you’ve never quite been able to describe, and then describing it for you in a way that leaves you saying, “Yes! That’s it!” Pull a random Death […]

5 Questions about Patriotism

For the past couple weeks, I’ve had an article in the works about the great kneeling debate that has been swirling around the sports world. But then this weekend happened and everyone went bananas, so I scratched that article and decided to go in a different direction altogether. Yesterday as NFL players protested and the […]

#MonthlyMusic: Ladies in the Lead (Folk Edition)

For the August installment of #MonthlyMusic (which I’m just barely sneaking in here before the month ends), I want to spotlight the contribution of women who lend their stellar songwriting and velvety vocals to the wonderful world of contemporary indie folk music. (In a future installment, we’ll enjoy some songs featuring girl power from other […]