#MusicMonday: Drive-By Truckers, “What It Means”

Music has an uncanny ability to provide an escape from the worries and woes of the world. A good song can transport you. It can momentarily free you from the tyranny of your immediate surroundings. But music also has the ability to do just the opposite. It can drive us deeper into the messiness of reality […]

#MusicMonday: Jamestown Revival, “Poor Man’s Gold”

I’ve been on a serious Jamestown Revival kick today. I first encountered their music a couple years ago through their catchy song, “California (Cast Iron Soul).” Since then, they’ve released a new album, The Education of a Wandering Man, and on it is this soulful little stomp about a conversation between a rich man and a preacher. This stripped-down […]

#MusicMonday: Dashboard Confessional, “A Plain Morning”

I look out my window, and I see snow. I look at the weather forecast, and I see temperatures in the teens. I look at my calendar, and I see “March.” These things trouble my soul. “A Plain Morning” is one of Dashboard Confessional’s earliest songs, and it’s filled with all the sad guitars and […]

#MusicMonday: Judah and the Lion, “Suit and Jacket”

At the age of 31, I can’t help but think that I should feel more “grown up” than I do. But here I am, after more than three decades, still trying to make sense of where I’m at in life. And (if I can be honest) still not wanting to go without a fight into […]

#MusicMonday, The New Basement Tapes, “Kansas City”

If you come across a studio full of renowned musicians bringing forgotten Bob Dylan lyrics to life, you’d better stop and pay attention. It’s bound to be a musical gift to mankind. But if said studio includes the aforementioned renowned musicians and Johnny Depp…well, you might want to think about buying a lottery ticket, because today is your […]

#MusicMonday: A (Heartbroken) Valentine’s Playlist

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate the favorite holiday of florists and over-sized teddy bear manufacturers than with some sappy, romantic, feel-good love songs? Well, I can think of one thing better: a playlist of songs about heartbreak and loneliness. I consider myself a blessed man on Valentine’s Day. I have a terrific […]

#MusicMonday: Ivan & Alyosha, “It’s All Just Pretend”

Any band named after Dostoyevsky characters has my immediate respect. And after seeing these guys in Chicago a few years ago, I’ve been a bona fide fan of their music ever sense. Sure, they write some catchy, feel-good tunes. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find some lyrical substance worth sinking your teeth into. […]

#MusicMonday: The National, “Bloodbuzz Ohio”

I love The National. Their sound is totally unique. The haunting vocals of Matt Berninger give me the chills. And I think their album Trouble Will Find Me is one of the best and most complete albums I’ve ever come across. But I’ll be honest in confessing that more often than not, I have no clue what their […]

#MusicMonday: The Brilliance, “Brother”

It seems like all you hear about these days is division and hate. Nobody can seem to get along. Whether it’s over political, racial, or religious differences, the news is full of anger and tension. I don’t know about you, but I’m worn out. All of this arguing is so exhausting. And in most cases, so futile. […]