God Delights in Justice (Ex. 20:22-23:19)

What are we supposed to do with archaic Old Testament laws about executing sorceresses and ensuring that our oxen don’t gore anybody? Are these parts of the Bible we can just skip over? Or is there something we’re supposed to learn from them? As we dive deeper into the law that God revealed to his […]

God Does the Impossible (Ex. 13:17-14:31)

The Israelites had just escaped from slavery in Egypt. But it wasn’t long before they found themselves in trouble once again, trapped between an angry Egyptian army and an impassible sea. Perhaps you can relate. You’ve found yourself in a dead-end, facing an impossible situation that appears to have no way out. In such a […]

God Delivers through Judgment (Ex. 11:1-13:16)

Often we find God’s justice to be embarrassing or uncomfortable. We have a hard time imagining a God who is so severe and unrelenting. But far from being a point of embarrassment, the judgment of God should be something that is a source of joy and encouragement for the Christian, because we have a distinctive […]