Interview on Pith and Piety

There’s a cool new podcast here in Greater Lafayette, and I’ve really enjoyed listening to the first few episodes that have gone out. It’s called Pith and Piety, and it explores Christian topics of interest to the community from an ecumenical point of view. Matt, Matt, and Ryan have a great chemistry, and it makes their banter […]

Faith and Film (Part 2): An Interview with Stephen Weinkauf

In case you missed Part 1 of this conversation, here’s the scoop: We’re talking with film buff and all-around cool dude Stephen Weinkauf about film from a Christian point of view. Last week, Stephen talked about the art and craft of film. This week, he’ll talk more about how people of faith should engage this powerful […]

Film and Faith (Part 1): An Interview with Stephen Weinkauf

The relationship between Hollywood and Christianity is a strange one. And so I’ve called upon my good friend and church colleague Stephen Weinkauf to offer his insights on how we should approach the artistic medium of film from a faith-based perspective. Stephen has a BFA in Film and Video Studies, which in and of itself qualifies […]