Mayweather, McGregor, and Our Modern Hypocrisy

[Note: The following article contains strong language some may find offensive.] The sports world is abuzz with hype surrounding the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. And the fact that the two fighters are in the middle of a “world tour” to promote their impending showdown certainly adds fuel to the fire. On […]

Reforming the Abortion Debate

We can’t escape it. Whether it’s sparked by a fierce presidential campaign, by a highly publicized women’s march, by some newly proposed piece of legislation, or simply by an incendiary meme on Facebook, the abortion debate won’t go away. As much as we seem to talk about abortion, though, it’s incredible how little progress we’ve […]

Shaking the Market Share Mindset

Suppose that you work as an executive for the Superior Widget Company. It’s a relatively small business with modest sales, but your goal is to lead the company to expand. So you beef up your marketing efforts and resource your sales team. You revisit your product design and give greater attention to quality control. You […]

Tattoos and the Paradox of Preaching

In recent years, I’ve come to develop an appreciation for the art of tattooing. The styles, the techniques, the history, the culture — it’s all fascinating to me. But perhaps what I find most intriguing about this oft-maligned (yet increasingly mainstream) art form is the profound paradox that exists at the heart of it. A […]