I look out my window, and I see snow. I look at the weather forecast, and I see temperatures in the teens. I look at my calendar, and I see “March.”

These things trouble my soul.

“A Plain Morning” is one of Dashboard Confessional’s earliest songs, and it’s filled with all the sad guitars and lyrical melancholy that their music would come to be known by. But despite its age, this simple track still pops into my head around this time of year without fail. When winter seems to be hanging around a bit too long, I can’t help but sing Chris Carrabba’s words to myself: “The temperature is dropping and it feels like / It’s colder than it ought to be in March…” It’s just so true. (Yes, I know that the coldness is mostly a metaphorical reference to the effects of being distanced from a loved one. But please, indulge my seasonal depression and let me take it literally, okay?)

Anyway, in honor of the snow currently rolling through the Midwest, cozy up to some speakers and enjoy this throwback tune from the early 2000’s:

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