David Ramirez is one of my favorite songwriters. His raw honesty is unsettling, but at the same time it somehow manages to be deeply comforting. It’s as if he’s forcing you to look at the most ugly and unpleasant parts of yourself, but then putting his arm around you and saying, “It’s okay, you’re not alone.”

Few places in the Ramirez catalog is that more vividly on display than “Rock and a Hard Place.” It’s the song of a fragile man who doesn’t have it all together. He’s weary, and broken-down. There are things about himself he’s not proud of. But the song is not without hope. Because even in the weaknesses of his own character, there resides the redemptive realization that all is not lost.

It’s a great song in its own right. But perhaps what makes me resonate with it so much is the visual story that Ramirez tells through the music video that he made with Ryan Booth. Starring actor Keir O’Donnell, this video is an emotional punch to the gut. And yet somehow, it’s a healing punch, not a harmful one.

But don’t take my word for it. Clear your schedule for the next 5 minutes, and take it all in for yourself.

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