This week’s musical selection is a piece of pure existential wonder. Whenever a song causes you to look in the mirror and ponder who you are and who you need to become, you know it’s doing something right.

“Son” is just such a song. Written by Ryan O’Neal (the man behind Sleeping at Last), it explores some of the most important — and frightening — questions about identity. And in so doing, it prompts us to look beyond the superficial veneer of our lives, coming to terms with all that we find therein.

The song is peppered with beautiful lines. Among my personal favorites is this gem: “Through this magnifying glass, I see a thousand fingerprints / On the surfaces of who I am.” That concept alone merits plenty of reflection (and subsequent gratitude) in light of the manifold influences who have shaped our lives for the better. And it’s just one of many poignant moments in a song that leads us to do more introspection in a 4-minute span than most of us do in a whole year.

So give it a listen, and then if you’d like to dig deeper, take a moment to read the songwriter’s own take on this stunning composition. Enjoy:

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