The man is a song-writing legend. He’s an icon of the American music scene. His work has spanned generations. And as of last week, he can now say that he’s the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said about Bob Dylan. And even if there were more to be said, I’m certainly not the person to say it. (By the time I was born, his career was already one of the greatest ever.) So I’ll keep things brief and let the music speak for itself.

What I love most about this rendition of the well-known “Mr. Tambourine Man,” is the way that the audience sits in rapt attention throughout the song. It has the feeling of a near-sacred experience. Almost as if they know they’re watching an artist who will be a Nobel Prize winner 50 years later. If nothing else, it gives us a glimpse into  the power that music can have — particularly the kind of music that exudes from a genius like Bob Dylan.

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